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Earn WOW Points on Every Order


What are WOW Points?

Get rewarded for every purchase you make by receiving loyalty points by being part of our new ‘Wonder Of Words (WOW) Club’.

For every pound that you spend within our shop, you will earn 10 WOW points.

So as an example, a purchase of an A4 Word Art Design would earn you 100 WOW points.

These points can be saved if you wish or used against any purchase once you have at least 100 WOW points. You will receive a discount on your order of £1 for every 100 WOW points redeemed. There are many other ways to earn WOW points and not just via purchases. See below a full list of benefits and features of the WOW Club.

The WOW Club

  • Dedicated Rewards Account

    Log in to your WOW account to view your points, rewards, orders and more.

  • Earn WOW Points

    For every £1 spent in our shop, you will earn 10 WOW points that you can use against future purchases.

  • Earn Bonus WOW Points

    You can earn additional points every time you share our website on your social channels or via email or recommend us to family and friends.

  • Birthday Rewards

    Let us help you celebrate your birthday each year with some FREE WOW points.

  • Receive Bonus Points when your Register

    Just for opening an account with us, where you can track your orders, or update your details, you will receive bonus WOW points.

  • Points Redemption

    Redeem your WOW points against future orders and get a £1 discount for every 100 points you use.

NOTE: To be a part of the WOW Club and receive WOW points, you MUST first register an account either by the button below or upon checkout when placing an order.