Hi everyone. First a big thank you for visiting my website. I hope you like all the great Word Cloud, Tag Cloud designs that I have available. This website has been build out of love for the written word and my passion for being able to create unique and personalised gifts for customers using either the designs already available or creating a bespoke Word Cloud, Tag Cloud design.


Firstly a Word Cloud and Tag Cloud can be the same thing. It is just a case of what name you are used too. However, you can see plenty of examples of a Tag Cloud on websites. Usually articles written on websites have what are called ‘Tags’ which help identify the key elements of what the article or page is actually about. You can select a tag and you would normally then be presented with similar articles or pages with similar content.

To help visitors on websites find popular articles quickly you can usually find on a sidebar on a website a Tag Cloud which shows the most popular tags. The tags that are clicked the most are usually the biggest and boldest within the Tag Cloud.

A Word Cloud is basically the same, however this is normally built up from your own chosen words, rather than linked to specific articles or pages on a website. This is what Wonder of Words creates. I simply take the list of words a customer would like used, usually between 25 – 100, and mix them into the design chosen. Certain words maybe more important than others so I emphasise these within the Word Cloud by increasing their size and / or changing their colour.


There are quite a few other providers of Word Cloud Art, however many simply send you an image file and you have to print this out yourself. Not everyone’s printer gives the quality a Word Cloud design requires and also means most people can only print up to A4 size, unless having to spend more money to take the image file elsewhere to create a larger print.

Here at Wonder of Words we can print A5, A4 and A3 and if requested we can also print bespoke cards for special occassions such as Birthday’s, Weddings or Christmas etc. All customers are sent a few sample options to choose from before printing.

We deliver to addresses in the United Kingdom and all items are delivered first class at individual flat rate charges as detailed within the checkout process. Orders of £20 or over benefit from ‘FREE’ first class postage. All items are checked and verified in perfect condition prior to posting so quality is assured.


If you have anything you would like to ask about our designs or just any general enquiry you can contact me via our contact page HERE or email me at laura@wonderofwords.co.uk

Thanks again for looking over my website and I hope to do business with you soon.


Wonder of Words